Take a moment to look at your bank balance. Maybe you’re happy, maybe you feel a little bit less than happy.

But you have funds in that account that you have plans for. Now, imagine those funds vanishing. In 2017, identity thieves stole more than $16 billion worth of assets, and for too many people, the plans they had were thrown into the air.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Family First Life Texas, we understand that life can happen awfully fast, and that it pays to be prepared. That’s why, along with offering a wide variety of insurance products and services, we’ve partnered with ReliaShield to offer identity theft protection. More than one million people utilize these comprehensive protection services to get the peace of mind they deserve. Personal and financial information is closely monitored. When something changes, the team at ReliaShield investigates — fast. A 100-percent recovery success rate means that your identity will be totally restored, and a $1 million reimbursement fund allows you to get back to normal.

When you look at that bank balance, you should have the satisfaction of knowing everything is protected. For more information about identity theft protection, contact us online or by phone today.