There’s a vast world of difference between a job and a career. Consider that a job is usually unfulfilling. When you have one, you’ll try to do your best, but you know it’s not a situation that will last forever. Once you’ve gotten the hang of your duties, you’ll probably start thinking about moving on at some point. In the end, jobs tend to have a minimal impact on the course of your life.

Careers, on the other hand, are very different. In the right career, you’ll have a number of goals that are ultimately connected, giving the work you do meaning. You won’t just provide value to your place of employment — you’ll provide it for yourself. A career gives you a chance to grow, learn, own a career path, and earn the kind of salary and benefits that tell you that what you do matters.

At Family First Life Texas, we’re not in the business of offering people jobs. Instead, we’re all about career opportunities, as well as realistic and attainable advancement opportunities — and all in a company where you can make a difference. Our mission at Family First Life Texas is to make both the families we protect, as well as the families of our agents, our number one priority. Company President Shawn Meaike has said, “Our philosophy of personal attention, team building, and extraordinary value can deliver you peace of mind.”

Interested in joining our team? You can expect the following:

  • An aggressive compensation plan, where we believe that every agent who works with us full time should net a minimum of $100,000 every year.
  • An innovative lead program that allows all agents to have qualified mortgage, final expense and annuity leads.
  • Free agent training that is highly structured and places all of our agents in a position to attain success.
  • State-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, an innovative tracking system that uploads an agent’s leads into our CRM system as soon as they come in.
  • Three types of income, consisting of direct sale commissions, agency overrides, and renewal commissions.
  • The ability to work with top carriers. This allows us to truly put our clients first by offering multiple coverage options.

If you’re a licensed agent who feels unfulfilled with your current company, reach out to us. If you’re an unlicensed agent, we’ll pay for your licensing course upon hiring.

Do you truly enjoy helping families? Do you think you deserve to be paid what you’re worth? If so, you just might be a good fit. For more information, contact us online or by phone today.