Your home is far more than a number of walls and a roof. While it’s the largest investment most of us will make in our lifetime, it means more than that. It’s a place for you and your family to put down roots. After your kids grow up and go out into the world, your home might get smaller but it’s still home. Home is the place where your memories are built.

But what happens if you’re critically injured, become seriously ill, or you or your spouse unexpectedly pass away? At Family First Life Texas, we understand that your home is important. Mortgage protection insurance is one of the smartest methods of easing that uncertainty. This kind of policy is created to pay off your mortgage payments if you become disabled, critically ill, or die unexpectedly. After that, the policy will pay out in full directly to your beneficiary.

Since 2015, our team has worked with clients throughout Texas to find the right policy that fits their needs. Since we’re not affiliated with a specific insurance carrier, we have the flexibility to shop around and compare numerous plans offered by different companies. As a result, we can personalize a policy that fits you and makes it easier to stay at home. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.