1. Best!

    My family has all been in insurance as an agent at one time or another. I avoided the "family business" for YEARS. I lost my job and decided to give insurance a try. My uncle had partnered recently with Family First Life and he really likes working with them. I decided to join him and I am glad I did. The comp is outstanding as is the training. It's nice to make my own hours as my girlfriend does …Read More

    Current Employee
  2. Best Decision Ever

    I have spent my whole career in insurance I have bounced from carriers to agencies to IMO's. I never really wanted to stay anywhere too long, and I never made the money I thought I was worth. I was tired of companies trying to get me to sell to my family and friends. I decided to join Family First Life. Best thing I have done for my career. I appreciate how they focus on following leads. They neve…Read More

    Current Employee
  3. Great Job

    Believe it or not, I got my start in sales selling cosmetics. That proved not to be too lucrative but I liked working with people. My friend's husband told me to look into insurance sales with Family First Life. At first, I balked because insurance seemed so something my parent's friends would do. I called and got my licensing. The people at Family First Life have been with me since day one helpin…Read More

    Current Employee
  4. Supports my dreams

    As I left college, I needed a flexible job to support me as I followed my dreams of becoming an Olympian in Archery. I met a representative from Family First Life at a college job fair, and I decided to look into it. It is a job that works for me! I still can make all my training sessions and still make a decent living. It is hard work, but I am managing to pay my bills and follow my dreams. Thank…Read More

    Current Employee
  5. Best IMO in the industry!

    Family First Life has provided the best training, resources and compensation that im able to more than triple the income what I can do in corporate america working 60-80 hrs a week in only 40 hours so I have time with my family, and on my schedule. FFL you are vested day 1, paid top comp and plenty of leads. FFL has not only helped my family financially but helped me be a better person working on …Read More

    Current Employee
  6. Top notch

    Family First Life Texas is top notch.…Read More

    Adam M.
  7. First rate customer service

    First rate customer service and professionalism. Could not recommend higher.…Read More

    Phillip O.
  8. Truly cares about their clients and agents

    Eric and his team truly cares about their clients and agents. I can't think of any other place I would like to work. It's not work if you love your job! Family First Life Texas will soon be a household name.…Read More

    Jim P.
  9. Changed my financial situation

    Training, Leads, continuing to learn every day, everyone I work with I consider family. Working with Family First Life Texas has changed my financial situation. Next month I will match what I made ALL of last year. Thank you Shawn, Mike, and Eric for your leadership.…Read More

    Chadwick S.
  10. No longer have to struggle financially

    Family First Life has given me hope that I no longer have to struggle financially and work like a slave for someone else. As a single mom who stayed home with kids for ten years, it was hard getting out and finding a decent paying job. The thought of sitting at a desk for minimal pay sounded awful because I had been there before. The people in the company are all there to help and all want to WIN …Read More

    Christina B.